For years I searched for innovative and unique problem solving methods that many found helpful personally and professionally. In some cases they empowered themselves and were able to do it themselves too. I lost a customer but I gained a tribe of geniuses who could pass their gifts on.

(Epiphany1) I realized I could reach and teach people new skills.

This mindset shift transformed my life because I found the one key to it all Direct Knowledge.

What is direct knowledge? When you are able to trust your intuition and your connection to the BMS System that is at the core of every living thing and person you are in fact accessing the Wisdom, Intelligence, Knowledge and Information that is in stored in your “consciousness”. The one key you are looking for opens three chambers we call the BODY, MIND and SPIRIT. This teaching provides the strength, the courage and conviction of a secure self that will support all the identifiers we use to describe who we are, what we do, our purpose and our why.

The old paradigm business leaders could ignore this aspect of ‘creative spirit’ because they have safety networks and like mindedness support systems to rely on. To the solopreneur or entrepreneur nothing else works to keep you on track and committed to self and the success keys you may have…but need to switch up when PARADIGMS shift and no one in your circle is remotely aware of that rude awakening you are experiencing when challenges come and that undisturbed peace you creative spirit affords you is all you need when what you thought you had is all used up. This is when Direct Knowledge comes to your rescue.

We have creative license to ‘make any abstract concept real’, if you are on the true path to self-development, self-realization and self-sustainability for you, your family and your community.

When the commitment to the self is made, things, emotions and thoughts become doable. Work is stress-less and enjoyable. You attract the positive energy you need. Welcome to the first step of your self-discovery journey. 

The need-want dilemma is a myth. They are natural polarities that can be harmonized like all other opposites. “Need is doing the work to earn the reward for the want that celebrates you!”

Need is a desire for a product’s or service’s specific benefit, whether functional or emotional. A want is the desire for products or services that are not necessary, but which consumers wish for. In the BMS System™ Body, Mind and Spirit need to be balanced.

Wants, Needs and Demands from the BMS™ Formula Perspective or PARADIGM. Hook, Story Offer is in fact expressions of Body Mind and Spirit. Form, in all dimensions, types and flavors is content and information.   This is where the mind explodes and resetting begins. Words images and actions follow through commitment.         

The Hook, It is the ‘thing’ we need or want for what were reason.The Story, is a transformative paradigm we all live byThe Offer: It is the way we do and share everything we do and share everything with all our relationships.
The search for the keysunlock hidden talents and opportunitiesWe all need as a hook.
Working with clientswho learn from youTo become entrepreneurs is a hook.
Finding one’s freedomto embrace the shifts taking placeIn the New Paradigm Movement is priceless.
Removing one’s selffrom the ‘materialistic competition’ mindsetIs a new paradigm ritual.  
Unhooking and unplugging from the old paradigm, to be part of the New Paradigm AgeIs critical, exciting and inspiring.
Connection to the New Paradigm’s WIKI™ is the path to Direct Knowledge
Direct access to the full WIKI™is an expansion of knowledgeCould exponentially expand our consciousness.
Body, Mind, Spirit framework or the fieldsExpanding ubiquitously at all levelsis transformative we operate, participate


The image of the right cone and its transformed Non-Euclidean Bennett Deltahedron is evidence of a New Paradigm. This proposition is supported by the fact that the principles that preceded this invention were known but did not have direct application in calculations or equations to construct the geometric expressions presented. Furthermore the discovery related to stacking 4 equal spheres needed for the tetrahedron and studying the interstitial space formed at the center of the arrangement. Modeling this negative space generated the blanks that were used to construct the 3D form. Given: the coincidences in this experiment and the subsequent repetition of it satisfies all the theories of truth that is then applied to the aesthetic relevance to the time, the timing and the manifestation of this invention. To support the New Paradigm Representation I humbly submit in writing this proposition on 9 20. 2020.

The right Cone and the Non-Euclidean Bennett Deltahedron –E.B.DTH

New paradigms are rooted in HUMAN EVOLUTION, THE TOROIDAL CREATIVE SHIFTS OF EARTH’S RHYTHMS AND CONSCIOUSNESS. If we look at them through/from the BODY, MIND, SPIRIT views (PARADIGMS) they completely change lives. What the planet is experiencing has a much deeper dimension to it that only one tuned into the WIKI would get some clue about.

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