THE ASK OF THE COVEN-ANT: Answers are always hidden in questions. The secret is finding them.


           ©H.G. Bennett 9. 15. 2020

We humans do not create anything outside of our own individual fields of perception. If we did, we would all have everything we DE-SIRE-D. Instead we find ourselves on the wrong side of potential and possibilities.

All systems in our subtle energy fields are impelled and put into motion by (the vibration) of desire. The effectiveness of this dynamic relies on the fine tuning of our conditioned senses as they try to inform the faculties, processes and systems responsible for manifestation. Desire used in this context is the expression of the inmost being of man and the onward impulse of an ever-evolving man. Man is also an expression of the synthesis of consciousness and it is defined as having the three qualities of BODY, MIND and SPIRIT we seldom interpret in the mundane sense if at all. There is a MATRIX I suggest we can use for the proof of concept that would offer a deeper understanding. They are the qualities, faculties and flavors of words. The word we process is DE-SIRE       “Metaphysical meaning of desire and its BMS MATRIX”

             BODY                      MIND                       SPIRIT
Desire- [is in all men]that is cultivated (conditioned positively)springs from deep within Being Deep desire is essential to spiritual growth.
Desire- has enduring power
The whole beingby earnest and intense desireIs drawn up out of mortality into the power to appreciate and to receive the true spiritual blessings.
Earthly thingsAre created and respectedTo support life through Design The inspiration of the Spirit creates the cultural aesthetic which is the synthesis of the body, mind spirit in harmony.
Desirethat is repressed (conditioned negatively)Is forced out…
…of consciousnessinto the subconscious mind Without transmutation according to spiritual law.
The desire to excel
 Desire to excelShould go in the positive direction.By being­ encouraged and cultivated
The Desire for Material ThingsThe Desire for knowledge mental Psychological Balance, Mental Acuity, Emotional IntelligenceThe Desi(gn)re for freedom, Destiny and Divinity

In deconstructing the description in the matrix we get a clearer understanding of “DESIRE”

There is one other method I call wordsmithing: DE is from SIRE is the father. Symbolically then DESIRE delivers what we ask for. The form of asking is to be explored.          

DE-SIR-E is a sobering reminder of, not who, but what is in control. The re-mind-ing is triggered or activated by vibrational frequencies of electro-magnetic pulses transduced through the senses for awareness to be ‘cultivated’ for proper use. Capacitance and capacity relate to our potential energy and even DESIRE.

Capacitance is the ratio of the change in an electric charge in a system (or body) to the corresponding change in its electric potential. There is self-capacitance and mutual capacitance. Any ‘body’ that can be electrically charged exhibits self-capacitance including our ‘electric life’. Electric potential Coulomb’s Law lets us compute forces between static charges. Now we explore what happens if charges move around. We find out what it means to do work in an electric field and develop formal definitions of some new concepts. The electric force field has magnitude and direction). Electric potential has magnitude only. These concepts relate of humans… life is electric.

The power we need derives from this dynamic needed for the T-ASK at hand. Living the life we desire takes energy, effort and work. The physical realm alone does not offer the solution.  The mind and the spirit need to pitch in to nurture the body. They in turn are synthesized into the reflection of the holistic expressions of consciousness operation in harmony, in good health mentally, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

All forms of communication require a Language for the media being used. Words are linguistic, verbal and auditory Images are visual and mental. Action is the total coordination of the entire being with thoughts feelings, intention and will. These are some of the elements of the complex systems needed. Quantities, Qualities and Flavors are on the higher level much closer to consciousness which is in the hierarchy of the entire spectrum of the cosmos and its awesomeness.

Language is ALCHEMY. It blends consciousness and offers descriptions and interpretations as one function but it can be reversed for us to get to deeper meaning. This I call wordsmithing. The deconstruction of the word DESIRE is one example with many more to come as we go through the proof of concept presented here to support a surprisingly simple and natural process of manifestation that has nothing to do with any popular self-help modality. For some validation can be found in ancient knowledge and even scripture, on the condition that we see it as philosophical and logical sans ‘belief’.

The human body suffers its slings and arrows and by one simple and natural way our senses, thoughts and desires begin to respond to transform pain into pleasure and peace. The three parts of our being; the body, mind and spirit work. They try to keep us together. The do such a good job of it that we forget that each of them need special attention and nurturing.

“ASKING QUESTIONS” is the WAY we are exploring. The alchemical formula is words plus images plus action manifest Desire symbolically it becomes [W+I+A=D]. The story line is; BODY in pain talks to MIND (through thinking mind) that puts all faculties and systems into action with additional help from the SPIRIT applying higher levels of intention intuition etc. with thought, work, effort and WILL to create the solution simplistically.

MIND’s job is to answer the question/s asked of it by completing its T-ASK of an-by swear-ing (on or by some articles of faith and trust) to make a formal promise to tell the TRUTH which the de- sire-er expects. At this moment body-mind and spirit synthesizes all words-images and energies into action generating the request of the higher realm from where the fulfillment takes place. We began with a quest-ion turned into a quest that required the formulation of a clearly art-iculated re-quest.

Quest and request (con-spired in/with spirit) through a corresponding vibrational frequency that had to resonate (reason-ably and logically) to be reality tested in TRUTH to provide the swearing for the situation surrounding the DE-SIR-E. This we call the an-swer. Our prayer is answered with peace and pleasure restored.

Re quest suggests repetition, frequency and determination of and in all phases of the question, the quest the request itself in many forms. Cycles including quantities, qualities and flavors of of Space, Time and Energy are to be invested in all currencies especially in the intangible asset class. Ca$h does not work here. Behavior and conditioning are aspects of ECLIPTIC rhythms involving the path of the sun and the many Father’s mansions moving through the wobbly precession and planetary rotation reminding us of seasons and when, how and where they are to be aligned with. The ubiquitous motion, attention and TENS OF IONS or tension holds the quest in compression becomes the TOROIDAL MANIFESTATION OF THE QUEST-ION that we think we must or have to KNOW from nowhere to now here when we have no control of ourselves.

Cision-DE-IN-INDE-PRE are the cissors to cut and differentiate not separate is an ill use of our brain or ILLUSION. The question is ‘where do the pairing and dis-a-pairing happen’? Does ONE cision into the TWO polarizing polarity as a PRI-MARY BINARY. Does the polarity BORN of the ONE become the trinity or the TRIAD? As far as knowing can go to BELIEVE I KNOW is not knowing. To know truth that is PRESENT TO ME and self-contained I MUST ASK. The gap is bridged with the QUESTION (in tension in pure duration) the QUEST (in compression in pure energy) and the REQUEST (in pure extension) as the TOROIDAL

Motion in ubiquity know no rest only in the void as inertia. We avoid the void in materiality.

Matter does not manifest matter without involving mind and spirit. Only then can there be correlated and valued energy which then activates into matter.

What can or must be, already exists somewhere in the oneness of all things. Our T-ASK is to “LOOK WHERE IT IS”. It is the only place we can find it. WE are the only ones with the DE-SIR-E defined as this is who WILL find it!

Alignment, correlation, sequencing operate in Time, Space and Energy fields.

Some Holy Words about ASKING:




IN-TENSION: the internal content of a concept OR resolution or determination. 

INTENTION: PURPOSE- a person’s sense of resolve or determination–(WILL).


God listens to what we ask (Mathew 7.7) He does not ignore his children (Luke 18.1-8) He has PROMISED to listen and respond (Mathew 6:6 and Romans 8:26-27) His answer may be some variations of “YES” OR “NO” OR “WAIT” NOT NOW. Knock and it shall be……..Waiting for you to find out that you have been knocking from inside all the time and was not paying attention. Paying attention does not cost anything until you avoid making the payments.

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