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The Book “DESIGN SCIENCE™” in the New Paradigm Age.

Copyright Herbert Glenauldbin Bennett RA 9. 2020

The pursuit of Purpose, Joy and happiness through health and wealth rely on the true nature of the relationships we experience and cultivate in our environment, with the people of the world and our communities by implementing life support systems strategies that satisfy needs of various types, each for a specific function we cater to. Food clothing and shelter are basic needs humans must fulfill before moving on, peacefully to other types and levels of human development.

Education is essential to acquiring the skills required to fulfill the needs for every faculty in the sustainable human growth and development space. To reflect on where a great deal of our life’s lessons came from we would agree we acquired them from some form of formal or informal schooling. Every generation gained their knowledge this way but as we evolved every so often entire systems of knowledge and information would be upgraded and the technology too would evolve. The systems we use to learn change and we have to adapt to them. Our cognition would advance as science discovered how the brain works and so on. We define ourselves as being conscious or aware and were told that we and everything in the world are all part of the bigger picture we call consciousness. Do we know consciousness and what can it do for us?

Man (in the philosophical sense) is a body we are all living in. in space. Nature helps us out by giving us sunshine to grow our food and nurture our minds to be creative and in time become very skilled at using our thoughts, our physical and spiritual energy to design our communities, our technologies and values that remind us of our humanity, with the dignity and love we have for one another. The systems of knowledge, principles, and values that keep evolving and the transitions in the human story that occur, naturally and spiritually are called PARADIGMS’.

In full disclosure and appreciation of the opportunity to share my passion with you it’s one thing to be erudite or smart and use language on some lofty level where no one knows nor care about what you are sharing with them or you are told your ideas are “DENSE” and they judge whether folks they communicate with will get what you are saying or even care.  The one who should care most of all is me. I love what I do and I think you will too so I will get off my high parlance horse and breakdown my hooks, stories and offers so you GET them and they are clear to you. Self-talk is thinking. Real communication can be best served, when we share or talk to one another. But first a warning. As you continue on this journey you will notice the number three (3) running through, practically every topic we discuss. It is a creative principle nature employs as its creation strategy. If it’s good enough for mother-nature, it will work for us too. We will get into more details as we continue.