Review of Book

 “Design Science is the playbook for the future of the DIGITAL ECONOMY: Synthesizing Art, Science, and Design to create solutions in this New Paradigm Age with aesthetically pleasing forms, and exponential values for much better living!” It brings into ‘play’ the role of ‘CONSCIOUSNESS’ as the ubiquitary across all cultures, platforms and worlds that has not ever been a tenet; a principle or belief , of world economies driven by consumerism and materialism.

Design Science” brings Art, Science, and Design down to earth with new form vocabularies, and a new visual language to express every idea imaginable with a reliable and dedicated support network of Innovators, Influencers, Early Adopters, Knowledge Brokers and Artrepreneurs in the Visual Intelligence World for the ‘DIFFERENCE making’ these FORMS cause.

Design Science: is the field that morphs Art, Science, and Mathematics (Geometry) into a praxis with tools, technologies, and new concepts for solutions that express the New CONSCIOUSNESS where forms, aesthetics, and values create ‘opportunities for evolution’.

We are no longer sad-dled with the predictable flat faced, tired, cubes we are ‘bourn’ into, live and are buried in. Their energies are etched in our conditioning. But with the world view changes we are better prepared to transform our lives with new Design science principles.

Design Science: was a 60+ year old promise made to the world, by the polymath Richard Buckminster Fuller that we failed to keep. It forecasted a future based on synthesizing Art, Science, and the New Paradigm (Non-Euclidean Geometry) with tools, technologies, and solution based on “Toroidal Geometric FORM (TGF) itself being information, content and thought and energy” for the transformation of humankind’s mind. TGF Thank God for FUTURE.’

The New Paradigm Transformation Hook      

The body, mind spirit holistic creative systems is the primary method used to identify needs and begin the development process of problem solving, creating solutions, producing, marketing and distributing products, services and the systems that control the entire needs satisfaction dynamic for life-support systems and technologies.

It starts by gathering, sorting and taxonomizing information through the research development and creative process. It becomes a technology that helps to generate ideas. This is a system that I use in my businesses and is a patented business and methods business model. It is the BMS system patterned after the definition I subscribe that answers the question; what is consciousness? The body, mind and spirit are the practical; body, psychological and emotional; mind and spirit; thought, and subtle energy system.

This is the consciousness BMS ™ hook. I test the hook on myself as the proof of concept. I test it on every area of business and my life and it works. I then use it to share the unique value it offers. It tends to be a very sophisticated idea so my task is to break it down and make it so simple, ‘a five year old will get it’. While simplicity is trending, technology and AI not withstanding complexity is upending itself. This is one of the major benefits of the new paradigm and design science is helping us get there.