Products & Services

The MAIN Products and Services we offer:

1. Our products and services are based on the Intellectual properties in our IP Bank. We have an extensive innovative form “vocabulary” derived from our Design Science research, Geometric form Design and digital 3D modeling, reality testing and development.

2. We offer visual information, design intelligence through viable solutions to designers, architects, artisans, industrial designers and engineers who can then support all types of ‘form intensive’ businesses and designers, Intellectual property developers and entrepreneurs etc.

3. We add value through design and development support with consulting needed to transform these ideas and opportunities into practical, cost effective and aesthetically pleasing design solutions.

4. Communities and disciplines: Architecture, Structural design & engineering; new residential communities, household and consumer products, packaging and visual communication media, marketing collateral.

5. Loggia Research and Design book publishing, marketing strategies and design innovation are our themes.

6. Our technologies can be licensed and franchised.

The creativity and integrity Trefoil brand is encoded with, engages ideas, technologies and a culture *distilled from this New Paradigm Movement.  The Core DE Spry distinguishes and transforms our world view, deeply and passionately inspiring our ideas, processes and actions.

*Crystallized, Sublimated…Acuity

We share our creativity and joy with our co-creators, collaborators and partners (not clients)* and dedicated Artrepreneurs, (regardless of project scale, scope and value). Design excellence, integrity and quality are essential to creating success in this highly visual intelligent world we have inherited.

Our true to (exciting 3D) form inventions are keys to the success of any idea, communication needs or development opportunity we engage in and deliver successfully.

We are not simply marketing or are networking on line, we are the ‘Internet of New Things’ IonT™. From this vantage point we are a true global entity cultivating relationships worldwide.We are at the forefront of technology from a harmonized physical, psychological and spiritual grounding that our founders (share with) bring to, the world. While the majority of business leaders are panicked by disruptions we embrace its challenges. As Disruptive Leaders we know that on the other side of all disruptions we create, solutions, success and happy partners.