IN THE MUNDANE and SPIRITUAL worlds there are ideas in our conditionings that seem not to pass through our change filters nor are transformed. We place disproportionate values on the mundane, physical and material definitions of what we call reality and embrace a skewed sense of our selves.

Why does this matter? (an interesting word ‘matter’). Matter is the most compelling sensorial element and experience in our mundane lives, when we make it so, so it should matter. We set ourselves up for the imbalance that comes from the intention and attention we place on it. Where we place our attention is where our ‘energy’ goes. That focal point could attract negative energies.

That the path to peace, love, joy and happiness is simple and easy comes with a polarity like everything does. It is or it is not possible or even true is subject to one’s orientation and intention. Are we totally committed to (1) the mundane world, (2) the spiritual world or (3) a healthy balance of both? Why does western culture have a problem with understanding that ‘LIFE FORCE’ (as consciousness itself) is in all expressions in the multiverses. This is ‘SPIRIT’. Depending on who you consider your ancestors, they all knew this. Somehow it got re-presented and man-ipu-lated to ‘religion’. Definitions of LIFEFORCE and RELIGION have divided the world and people as well.

If we move away from this ‘dichotomic confusion’ and look at the practical sensorial experiences and temporarily attribute our heuristic insights to a ‘matter framework’ we can arrive at a workable platform to build upon. What is the platform and what can we build upon it? A different mental construct that can expand our world view is in the making now. Before venturing into the deeper inquiry we have to set the tone for the unfolding of the discussion. Openness is key. Suspending conditioned ideas about phenomena we do not understand and maybe tempted to use other expert knowledge is to be avoided. If we are relying on ‘physical science’ to help us, it is at a cross roads itself with its constructs that are not aligning with spiritual principles. Intelligence is the essence of consciousness.  The goal is, easy, we all can formulate our own paradigms, when it becomes clear that this is a skillset we already possess.

The greatest gift we can give ourselves comes, not by believing, guessing nor repeating what some said, but from within US. That it might be corroborated externally is useful. The path to peace, love, joy and happiness is simple and easy. We can think of them as pure expressions of consciousness that is already hardwired in us through the gross and subtle systems we cannot ‘stem’ (see, touch, evaluate nor measure).  We cannot attain what we have… it ‘just is’. (Say nothing else, just be silent) It is right there with the most profound conundrum of all, the “I AM”. Affirming the very present TENSE lets you tap into the most power life force and source of energy needed for the self-realization immediately as in NOW. NO-THING else MATTERS. The “I” is the most problematic term in this phrase and phase of realization. The AM Affirms Manifestations of consciousness. < (period)

We can now proceed to our platform and the scaffold to build the construct we call “PARADIGM”. Every definition of it now refers to “the external world”, which goes back to matter, material and the culture   (‘cult’) of materialism. We are not interested in going anywhere, remember. There is nowhere to go. We are there already. What’s missing is simple and readily available too…it’s AWARENESS. When and how do we become aware that all we need ‘IS’. Oneness and ISNESS are descriptors or identifiers we are tempted to avoid, even though they tells us who we truly are. “WOE nelly”, hold your horses get back to your “AM”. There is the “I AM” and “The World” two sources or polarities of PARADIGMS. They both have urges and forces, ideas and dreams about their lives and how to go about manifesting their vision, mission and purpose they are constantly interacting with. Meditate on this and let it sink in. STOP reading and relax, reflect on this paragraph and come back to the rest of the text later. Take as long as you need. It will be right where you left it, but you will be different. Different paradigms make us think different thoughts and make us different persons. The life-force is there waiting for you to rise to higher dimensions of its infinite potential.

Think about your urges, needs are tap into SOURCE to build your PARADIGM. Who you are, what skills you have and how best to use them to be totally realized. Self is already realized it is your job to catchup with it.

The recognition of there being a greater force way beyond us and the world is another step into higher stages, states or levels of awareness. Notice the threefold patterns here. Stage: a point, period, or step in a process or development. State: the particular condition that someone or something is in at a specific time. Level: the distance above or below a given point.

What you connected with during your break should be stirring now. What are these three fields of information “LIKE”? How do we experience then, what are their characteristics, qualities and flavors etc. This monolog goes on forever. Imagine all seven plus billion people on earth in the monolog and then turning to one another to experience “OTHERNESS” at that level of likeness. Do you need another mind-break?  We must be kind to our minds. They are not used to thinking this way. They might slip back to their conditionings occasionally, trying to distract you. Stay the course.

The focus here is on the personal PARADIGM. We are at the stage of transitioning physically from one place or dimension to another paradigm. The wisdom, intelligence, knowledge and information is different from the old paradigm. This is causing major disruptions that we are ill-prepared for. This puts us into states of fear, (False Evidence, Appearing to be Real). This is level ONE dealing with ‘personhood’. Level TWO is the world group PARADIGM and level THREE is the BYOND realm. These are working titles for the time being to keep us engaged in the unfolding before we begin to get trapped and be distracted by looking for definitions.

Let us work from the general beyond realm. Of all the words we can use to define it there is one that fits the LIFE-FORCE model to our satisfaction. The first action is understanding how encompassing this word is and does it help us in our ‘inquiry’. The quest, the questions, requests and inquest are all in play.

     The word we are looking for is…C  O  N  S  C  I  O  U  S  N  E  S  S

It is the ONENESS of ALL in all of nature, of which we are very much a part, not apart. Can we experience the oneness of all expressions, behaviors and visions and the energies they use? Do we have the reverence and gratitude we need to offer the oneness for bringing us into “AWARENESS”? Or do we have the audacity to pretend to be our own source? What a celebration it must be to put this in perspective once and for all. If this is the original intention, how did we get here? Humans tend to be-have differently in groups. The energy of groups is a definite quality of community. It is when we go off into our “OWN”, that we get lost.

Observing the environment makes us aware of three major expressions around us. We have the forms, places, things and nouns that describe them. This we call ‘PHYSICAL’, space is a major characteristic of it. Its logic is Physiology. We have behaviors, systems, processes and creativity along with the necessary interconnecting parts of speech that describe them. This we call ‘PSYCHOLOGICAL’. MIND and Time are major qualities of it. The thoughts, intuitions and subtle forces we cannot ‘stem’ are the finest life-force fuels. The gross energies are on the ‘below’ levels of work and power. This is SPIRIT and SPIRITUALITY are in this realm. The form used to present these dimensions of consciousness can also be put into a MATRIX. We can locate missing elements in “CONSCIOUSNESS AS IN BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT” using this threefold matrix. What it does is gives us a visual mind map with a ubiquitous snapshot of an otherwise complex construct.


             BODY                       MIND                       SPIRIT
Forms, things and   Nouns that describe them.We have behaviors, systems, processes and creativity them. These are major qualities of it. The necessary interconnecting parts of speech that describeThoughts, intuitions and subtle forces we cannot ‘stem’. The finest life-force fuels.
Space, places,TimeEnergy
Pure extensionPure durationPure energy (CONSCIOUSNESS)
Mechanical expressionsMechanical ProcessesThe gross energies are on the ‘below’ levels of work and power.
CisionDecision and PrecisionRealization and Purpose

This MATRIX is infinite. It includes every expression of CONSCIOUSNESS and its three dimensions that are then harmonized and synthesized into whatever we create.  No more guesswork no more ‘GUT’ reactions, being more direct and sensitive to our environment, the planet and to LIFE. Operating with natural LAWS and principles is critical to the unfolding ‘New PARADIGM’, the age we are in and the aesthetic expressions that define the lifestyles we can now enjoy, and be healthy and wealthy too.

The wealth comes from our innovations and Intellectual properties we employ to create Holistic solutions and communities.

My book DESign Science in the New Paradigm Age is the BIBLE with the (COMMUNICATION-DIGITAL-ENERGY AND MOBILITY AND MODULARITY intellectual property BUSINESS models and methods for the New Paradigm Age.

This is the framework for the NEW CULTURAL ECONOMIC VISION AND MISSION, not just a capitalist ECONOMY without consciousness and the necessary mindset shifts for embracing the NEW PARADIGM and all that it portends.

WHEN THIS “NEWS” HITS GOOGLE’S FIRST PAGE IT IS ALL OVER AND ALL OLD PARADIGMS ARE DEAD. If WE do not claim this as our creation, we too will be DEAD!

Let’s put this OPPORTUNITY AND KNOWLEDGE into its proper context and use the FREEMIUM currency we all can afford: “PAYING ATTENTION”. When we don’t everything we do becomes quite EXPENSIVE, and opportunities we care about are abandoned.

The call to action is an invitation to join the NEW PARADIGM CONSCIOUSNESS movement.                                

By subscribing to the TREFOIL vision and mission. The book is the manifesto defining and describing the principles and creative strategies using mathematical and specific NON-EUCLIDEAN geometry and other DIRECT KNOWLEDGE to validate the originality of the unique 3D interpretation of curved space and the iteration and variations of the “MINIMUM INVENTORY MAXIMUM DIVERSITY” principle of creation.

How this language is applied is followed up in the second volume and work books under the same title. Volume is being launched as part of the Campaign and information products with training and education to support the New Career Development opportunities and licensing of the Intellectual Properties based on inventions and other assets inspired by this system.

The BODY. MIND SPIRIT Systems is the INFOGRAPHIC expression of the deeper mathematical and scientific database and computational processes that are both quantitative and qualitative in nature.

The right cone is transformed into a NON-EUCLIDEAN Deltahedron™ by inscribing curved arcs and folds.

This image represents the nascent elements of the evidence of there being a 3D form language that speaks to the mathematical (scientific) fact of there being an aesthetic for A New PARADIGM Age.

TREFOIL NEW PARADIGM ATELIER is the virtual studio run By Ptahra Un Nefer.

It is GUIDED by the PRINCIPLE OF CONSCIOUSNESS and its 3Dimensional definition of BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT in harmony.

The NEW Atelier is a COMMONS, SHARING COLLABORATIVE (VIRTUAL and GLOBAL) workshop or studio run by a professional DESign Scientist and artist in the Architectural. fine and decorative arts as the principal master with a number of assistants, students, and apprentices who work together producing Environmental solutions, pieces of fine visual art and other products and services, released under the TREFOIL brand, the master’s name and his supervision.

We offer Wisdom, Intelligence Knowledge and Information (The WIKI™) through its expressions and solutions to serve the planet and the holistic communities we build. The goal is to reinstate and empower creative potential and new skills, self-realization, and DIRECT connection to SOURCE, LIFE-FORCE or PRANA.


Here is a Google First page link on PARADIGMS and where the corporate dialog is now: 

When I began writing ‘DESign Science’ they were not there.

In 2019, there were over 2 billion computers in the world, including servers, desktops, and laptops.

They all have a mouse with batteries in them. Magfast needs to be able to recharge the mouse.

Microsoft did a detailed study of this about ten years ago, so the figures given here will be a little out of date. However modern mice are probably not that much different.

Microsoft was comparing two of their wireless mice against two similar products from Logitech. Unlike a lot of tests, Microsoft built a robotic device that moved the mouse in such a way as to simulate the way a human would use the mouse.

Studies indicate people use mice on average between 4 and 27 hours per week; but in this study the mouse was stimulated by the motion profile for 44 hours. The rest of the time the mice were in a deep sleep.

Actually both brands of mice had three power modes: active, drawing the most current, with motion, then no motion for a brief period, then motion again etc. As already mentioned there is a deep sleep mode, which occurs after about 10 minutes of no activity. There also is an intermediate sleep mode (idle) which is in between the active and deep sleep modes.

The measurements were as follows. Around 30 mice of each type were tested.

             Microsoft Wireless   Microsoft Wire-Logitech Cord-    Logitech Cord-

             Intellimouse         less Optical     less Click Plus   less Click

Active power

State            11.7 mA             13.0 mA           23.0 mA         22.4 mA


Sleep            942 µA              913 µA            1.32 mA         1.31 mA


Sleep            157 µA              146 µA            296 µA          293 µA