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“There are New Paradigm principles transforming our worldview based on the notion of ‘everything in our universe being interconnected as one infinite source of consciousness’.    DESign Science is the discipline that empowers us to define ‘consciousness’ as the synthesis of physical elements space or Body, the psychological and emotional aspect of Mind and the essence and energy of Spirit towards awareness, cognition and being fully alive.

This threefold principle is then supported by the subtle forces of the Space, Time, Energy and Power continuum. When the laws of nature are harmonized with all of the above paradigms, civilizations and cultures shift to express aesthetic principles of their age.

Technology is very often the first harbinger (sign) of change that we observe, sense and experience. This is but one dimension of the universal threefold principle in the synthesis of meaningful human experiences and the systems that support life. The emotional and spiritual are not as developed as the material or physical expressions we have mastered.

Significant discoveries include and are not limited to the following:

Newly invented Forms derived from Non-Euclidean Geometry principles can now be art-iculated to create now products and services.

These are a number of interactive projects and programs designed for readers, co-creators collaborators and partners to participate in, that will significantly impact their careers and peoples’ lives.

The critical technologies that represent this new worldview or Paradigm are:

A ‘NU’ form technology centered in the mathematical principles of a Non-Euclidean geometry to create a language of S3 forms with a rich (curved geometric) aesthetic and distinctive identity with an infinite line extension capability in various ‘families’ of shapes and forms to be used for education, learning and fun and product development and many other applications to enrich life. The theoretical approach to this is critical not just for making stuff.

Complemented by the advances in material sciences, three dimensional printing and visualizations technologies this offers the once in a lifetime shift towards a movement in our development to represent a New Age of Creativity, hence a ‘New Paradigm’.

The Logic Structure systems and technology offer a Qualitative, Quantitative and Energy related synthesis for a deeper understanding of natural laws and symmetry principles that enhance our expressions and designs while empowering the professional skills needed to transform, invent and apply technology advancements for the good of all. We know too well what missing this opportunity can bring to our culture.

Approaching this as a new field of study is predicated on the desire to shift the mindset as we embrace ideas we once thought were either difficult, impossible to solve or on the fringes of the western ken of knowledge. With population trends and other movements taking place in our lives the solutions we need demand a different more inclusive approach. Add to this the ‘ancestral factor’ of wisdom traditions of cultures past that are beginning to align with the new theories in science and the healing arts we can begin to appreciate the need for change as ‘the most natural attribute of the universe’.

Given that some of the tangible products and other development ideas are being presented to users now, that next step in the process to bring the BMS harmony into equilibrium is to implement the global ‘big picture’ view (paradigm) with the book as the knowledge base that can inspire designers and creative artist to understand what DESign Science is and how it can empower them to gain the WIKI, the confidence and the trust needed to participate in the New Paradigm Movement for the good of all.

­­Herb Glenn Bennett is based in New York, USA. He transformed his Architectural career to be more effective in serving his community of collaborators as a DESign Scientist. He is the founder of Bennett Architects RA, the COO of Summit Development Industries LLC NY and CEO of Trefoil LLC. In 2016 he established a new DESign Science discipline as an innovation and intellectual property strategy based on the emerging vision and need for all emerging ‘cultural economic development’ initiatives, business, community and institutional projects he develops or engages in. He believes this is the future of architecture in the new paradigm age and is dedicated to optimizing all ‘creative capital’ by synthesizing art, science, visual mathematics and design into a methodology.

He studied at The Institute of Design and Construction and Pratt Institute in New York and holds a B. Arch degree, is NCARB certified in the US and is registered in New York State.

He is on the faculty of The Fashion Institute of Technology (SUNY New York), in the Communications Department. He directs the ‘LOGGIA research and design’ group for development, Intellectual property initiative for the promulgation and implementation of a new DESign Science discipline pursuing all technology applications with shared values and principles towards a holistic, ‘generic’ 3D visualization and digital articulation.

H.G. is a published poet, an author and a private pilot. His inventions are used by industries in Architecture, modular and alternative housing and commercial construction, product innovation, 2D &3D media development, advertising and packaging design.

His vision and talents enable him to formulate cultural and business organizations, develop strategies for corporate cultures, branding their vision and mission with the collateral needed for the successful implementation operations, product interventions and management systems.

As a fine artist H.G.B continues to exhibit widely and is featured in private collections and gallery exhibitions.

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