Manufactured or In Place (in situ), Modular, Precut, Panelized is needed in the North East, South and West of the USA. We have established the viability and feasibility of new systems with the unique architectural treatment we apply in the transformation of the ‘Shipping Container Module’, we know we can offer competitive solutions for healthy’ affordable convenient living in the USA and the world. The challenges we have identified in the current housing market are as follows:

Much of the current housing stock is obsolete. It needs to be replaced to offer better energy efficiencies, economies and conveniences better suited to how life is evolving in the US and in the world. The promise of a well paying job, experiencing a good healthy life and achieving and maintaining successfully the one lifetime investment most families make are all being threatened or are at least, becoming very stressful.

Home production industries and their related accessories and their market support and services sectors can definitely use more job creating opportunities for all levels of skill and knowledge. With a wider appeal for quality homes for both individuals, developers and communities this modular construction system we are developing with the ‘secondary use technologies’ based on shipping containers being transformed into quality architectural solutions, will create jobs. The adaptive secondary use of Cargo Modules lends itself building at a fast track pace with many of the early stage functions of building a traditional home already satisfied by the nature of structurally stable supper load bearing unit that can stack multiple units high. Retrofitting them to become positive, cost effective, efficient and convenient structures offers us a more ‘self contained holistic unit’. 

Phase two development creates new and non-traditional growth cycles, and automated systems with high speed, high volume quality designed homes and accessories similar to automobile and aircraft manufacturing. A decommissioned auto plant could be the site for this phase of our creative operations. The distribution and installation of homes in the USA and in foreign markets will be built on sound logistics and all other efficiencies that will make this a very successful enterprise. When a home is ordered, delivered and installed it will also be furnished or decorated with furniture, appliances, accessories and other creative objects designed to follow an emerging aesthetic that expresses a unique identity that is the ‘Summit Brand’.

A ‘one stop shop’ approach is the core of this development concept that ties together more of the ‘home making essentials’ for the home. Appliances, tools, devices and accessories needed to build and furnish the home will be shipped in the container module to be transformed into the structure. Affiliates and network partners and other manufactures will be engaged to furnish what’s needed to complete the living experience.

Quickly built, quickly ship and carefully installed homes, offices, cultural and institutional structures, factories, hotels, commercial and other building types can be delivered and will conform to municipal codes and zoning requirements. The structural integrity and use of these containers are used in limited ways as engineered solutions for space. The very often lack the architectural design elements that make them true creative, architectural expressions. A rich design aesthetic synthesis of quality, integrity and economy is the essence and spirit of this innovation. In rare cases building agencies may object to this technology for ‘illogical reasons that violate local laws and building codes.

Future growth will be fueled by a database of ideas and technologies supported by the digital revolution we are struggling to manage and turn into pleasant and useful USER EXPERIENCES. Yet to be created by world class designers, technicians, managers and developers who are constantly engaged in creating design solutions for the environment, individual owners and holistic communities.

A home provides physical, financial, emotional, and spiritual shelter for us all. Currently, too much time, resources and energy are spent acquiring and maintaining homes and the family needs and by extension the community needs as well. Cargo containers offer an approach that offers a way to leverage assets, tangible and intangible, to satisfy a family’s needs for shelter and harmony. The food and clothing round out the three basic needs humans must take care of for living. Other values can than be pursued to add to the human experience once these three basic needs are met. A home that’s built, according to a family’s specification in a desirable location, that they can leverage their resources exponentially can now equate with how real estate values are being adjusted in the current market and where these values are now. With our building and creative technologies housing ownership can be enjoyed once more.

How to Build a Container Home:

What is a shipping container? It is an air, wind and water tight module constructed of heavy duty reinforced corrugated steel. It has a load bearing capacity that supersedes traditional stick or masonry built houses and other styles of construction. Virtually fire and vandal resistant they are secure and can be adapted to many forms of spatial needs. There exterior and interior finishes conform to specifications and codes to protect life and safety of occupants and families.

We start with a used or new shipping container. One that has served its purpose and is sitting on the shipping ports of many countries around the world…used or new. Instead of stick or brick built construction, where many people move many little pieces of materials on a site, 8.0 x 9.5 x 20 or 40 foot units that can carry 400,000 pounds of cargo are transformed into habitable structures. The knowledge and information gained from this process teaches improves the systems that evolve to be more efficient and beautiful.

Here is a technology that eliminates many of the construction phases in traditional home building. This results in cost efficiencies and economies that help reestablish the value systems all development must have to be competitive and successful.

We believe this approach embodies sound principles of design, construction, and marketing to allow growth and development for the good of all who share this vision.


The Architectural vision.

Creating useful and functional spaces have been the challenge builders faced through time. Life changes but the styles and spaces remain the same based on our conditioned and false notions and limiting beliefs. Time here is chronological and historical. Time here relates to a harmonizing symmetry along with space and energy to offer mankind a strategy for growth and development. Natural or Symmetry principles; consciousness itself form the canvas upon which vision, perception and action are art-iculated. The creative tools and disciplines we use depend on our resourcefulness and creativity. We are forced to find new resources, technologies and solutions with which we can grow to develop our families and our communities. But in many cases solutions are readily available. What’s not available are the ability to change and accept change as a natural attribute of LIVING and growing. This is the function of architecture especially when it is applied in the humblest of ways using as it makes the familiar materials strange and the strange familiar. A shipping container in this context is the best material to be used as ARCHITECTURE today. Transformation is the age we are in and embracing it is the path to opportunities we need to take advantage of.

A shift in consciousness in a time and space where energies on all levels have become much too costly and inefficient and in some cases irrelevant or inappropriate, inspires us to rethink our use of materials that already exist in abundance that are being underutilized and/or ‘wasted’. Once we have developed the systems for the existing modules we have exhausted we can adjust our metrics and sensibilities to respond to the constant demand for meaningful change. This will lead to inventing new systems and technologies to refine the architectural potential we are now limited to. This is the ‘back door’ to architectural evolution in very practical terms.

Using ‘shipping containers’ as building modules is one way of responding to our need for shelter and utilitarian environments. It’s not the make shift temporary approach for expedient accommodation or field offices and mechanical room that is proposed here.

It is the architectural and aesthetically pleasing and artistic rendition of living environments that is being transformed by the skillful vision of architects and artists that this presentation offers.

We need a plan that establishes the Modular building shipping container technology as the ‘state of the art’ now. It can be found in major cities in Europe and the USA. When used to create homes with traditional amenities to satisfy human habitation it offers efficiencies and economies that are very attractive, time and cost effective. What we learn with this ‘open minded’ adventure will lead to other innovations and systems that will enhance and improve the efficiencies, economies and aesthetics of traditional home building, the furnishings and appliances in the homes that we need.

Our mission is to join us on this exciting journey of pure exploration, creativity and excitement as we produce workable and beautiful structures and homes that, we can all admit, will offer more ways to choose how we live, work and play. A home is the largest family investment and the means of acquiring it needs to be PROTECTED by DESIGN and common sense not greedy developers. The inordinate amount of time, energy, resources and the social opportunity cost we are asked to invest in creating shelter basically limits our growth and development. Once we put the economics and practicality of living in a healthy environment in place then the freedom to be experienced will be immeasurable or ‘priceless’. We have solutions that are ‘priced less’ than the obsolete and decayed inventory that is draining our physical resources, our spirit and creative will now. The digital world controls our communications, energies and distribution systems. The quicker we embrace change the healthier and wealthier we all will be.

Herb Bennett RA


Home Sweet Container Home!

“The container that brought us consumer good returns to a place of permanence and love in our lives. It’s a blessing in plain sight being mu=missed by our inner eyes. It comes full circle.”

Let’s Export home to the rest of the world by ‘shipping new lives’ back to those who need them most.

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