Call to Action

“WIA” Words, Image …ACTION is the success formula for manifestation


MAN mimics the deepest internal models of *GOD-nature claiming to be creative in isolation and EGO. *GENERAL PURPOSE TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM-GPTP™ The ultimate form of this idea is the CREATOR-GOD. NATURE is the workshop. *Grace Originating from Divinity.

The body, mind, spirit: dimensions of expression synthesized into the grand eternal paradigm we call consciousness. Creation is the ultimate GPTP™. When we take authorship for any iteration, without the consciousness grounding and the balance it requires we FAIL. Motility is the ability of an organism to move independently, using metabolic energy. This is in contrast to mobility, which describes the ability of an object to be moved. Motility is genetically determined, but may be affected by environmental factors. Motion, Movement and e-Motions are keys to successful living.

TREFOIL Disruptive leaders, are looking for technology influencers and early adopters in Visual Creative Intelligent Fields, (VCIF) to transform “new paradigm” intellectual properties in our IP Idea Bank™ into exciting lucrative, opportunities in all fields of expression.

Empowering [designers and entrepreneurs] ‘co-creators’ through (an evolving and exciting new praxis) for a “new paradigm movement” to synthesize the principles, as Wisdom, Intelligence, knowledge, and information,  inspires (creative) energies, passion and love for what we do that is derived from our new understanding of consciousness, nature and man with a discipline now known as “DESign Science™”.

THE NEW PARADIGM AGE BUSINESS MODEL builds from the information age to the ‘New Paradigm Age’.  IT IS THE TRANSFORMATION AGE.

Paradigms are maps we need not to find our way but to MAKE our way to our destiny. Having the practical insight, the tools and the energy makes all the differences needed to move from one state of being to one of becoming. What is and needs to become very often appears very familiar but do not reflect the deeper core values we seek. We can then go into “if it is it is to be, it is up to me” mode to get it done. Having friend in right places is believed to a social cue. 

But in the ‘New Paradigm Age’ the access is more available and diverse. This mess-age offers it all to you, and then some. We made enough mess as it is, so let’s fix it all. The best place I started was from inside. For this reason understanding CONSCIOUSNESS is the root of this work. I would be very happy if it is for yours too…

The Value Proposition: On the very practical level: We empower designers and developers (as ‘co-creators’) through “new paradigm” Wisdom, Intelligence, (O&A) knowledge and information with the subtle energy dynamics we offer to enhance our environments, our lives and be on life’s purpose.