About Us

Herbert G. Bennett Is a 2014 ‘Quilly’ (literary) award winning author and authority in the field of “3D form invention (as in Toroidal Mathematics and Geometry)?” His book Transform was co-authored by Brian Tracy.
His new book“DESign Science, in the New Paradigm Age”, is the first in a trilogy now being published.  He is a licensed Architect and a private pilot. He is a fine artist and is featured in galleries and private collections. He is a prolific inventor and an authority in visual mathematics with several patents.
The services I am passionate about
Are creating, publishing and sharing this very practical Wisdom, Intelligence, knowledge and Information (WIKI™), with others to enhance and empower us all to create our own destiny in the 21st Century.
Our technologies and ideas are delivered
Through consulting services, IP sales and licensing through the IP Idea Bank™. Education and training and the digital technologies and communications are all expressions of ‘energy’
Our target demo-
Or audience is made of disruption leaders, influencers, Innovators and prosumers: Industry leaders, Thought leaders, product developers and manufacturers with their innovative product and efficient service needs, Retailers and entrepreneurs and others.
We can impact these trends
As a community of concerned conscious co-creators to address true needs for solutions and prosperity at the root of this creative process? I believe we can impact the overall economy with this new paradigm movement.
Our Clients and Consumers are partners
And prosumers, Institutions and related trade Organizations with their own constituencies, needs and interests. There is an interactive dynamic among them that can be mapped, tracked and studied to determine their missions and vision, value systems, needs and tendencies.
They must be committed to growth And prosperity NOW. Their systems must be designed to study emerging trends, products, services and audiences with their qualitative and quantitative characteristics for new goals and agendas for development.  They must be passionate about quality, growth and prosperity, their goodwill and legacy.

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